Back to the start to tidy up some loose ends, almost

After finding a good place to leave the previous work (waiting for semester 2) I decided to revisit my previous idea of using the depth data to push through time (frames of video/animation). the Tree and Muybridge works.

For want of some better source material I decided to push on with the Muybridge images. I decided it would work better if I had a larger image and smoother animation to work with. I enlarged the images and decided to morph between the frames to get a less jumpy image. I had been generating detail and colours based on the given image data so generating frames seemed a natural progression). There were 3 different angles of the woman getting in to bed so I chose to put them together in a triptych. This gave a quite mesmerising motion so I decided to work with it a little more. In a similar vein to the other works I added colour and texture really just to see how it would look. Again I was captivated by the imagery, It wasn’t quite right but there was something there, something that had me coming back and playing the footage over and over.

This never did make it back into the depth/time experiments instead I become more interested in examining the notion of movement as texture. So it was back to the Muybridge resources, and this time I would take the stairs.

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