Everybody has one story – tell your own story.

Don’t know if its all just due to lack of sleep so I was open to suggestion but this Idea as delivered by Michael Eather in the tops lecture this morning really struck home.

Although excited by the the direction my work was taking, I was already think about what was next, but what if there doesn’t need to be a next what if Even after this next semester I keep exploring these ideas where could it go? On this thought I though about all my previous work and what ideas could extend to this process multiple concepts sprang to mind. Michael nod to Magritte also put we right back to my love of his work and umbrellas sprang to mind. One of the first pieces of coding I did when I first started experimenting with reading Kinect data was to make an inverse umbrella. You opened the umbrella and this started rain falling down from under its canopy.  My mind just straight to how this could work along side my current you as an extension to these ideas. There is a firm image in my head of this work and I had to stop myself from generating too many other or I waould have missed the rest of Michaels talk.

I always love these moments when a few words mark a whole new perspective of thought. This massive realisation for me but for most others it was probably just more words.

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