Getting Somewhere & changing the effects of time

After much adjustment I arrived at a range of textures that I was happy with it. I also modified my colour code so I can have more control over the palette. I do still want to do more work on this as my controlled palettes tend to be a little flat. (I still like the banding of my erroneous code).

The last thing I removed was the scanline updating of the imagery the feel of it was very much electronic scan rather than a painted effect. Instead I set up a random “painting” of the scene, this gave a much more fluid effect but it had the added advantage of effecting time in a much different way.

Instead of the Daniel Crooks style distortions the image took time to develop and also took time to disolve, this meant for an object?person to make an impact on the screen it/they had to spend some time being still. A movement would break up the forming imagery. Leaving the scene would leave a temporary ghost. Jumping about and waving you arms would only have a minor impact on the image. Stillness and quiet contemplation would render you in to the work.

These gentles interactions were what I had hoped to foster. The ghost image tied back to ideas I had had about what if a dog processed scent trails visually. It also ties into previous ideas of memory. The longer an object is present the more it gets painted into memory, the richer its rendering becomes the fleeting passing very soon is lost. The moment is also very strong here, sometimes a great image occurs but it will never stay. While trying to get screen grabs of the work If I delayed too long the moment was gon never to be created again. Any of the still images captured can never be recreated again.

All of this just seemed to fall into place, I had no real plan when starting out, just a direction or two to follow. But some how all the pieces fell into place. Im not sure what I put it down to but I know it wouldn’t have happened if I had no time to play.

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