So this is it the submission is complete (here)

Its hard to know what to add what to leave out.

I had a huge desire to give long explanations about what each work was about, but if it was presented in a gallery then I wouldn’t so I left those explanations to this space.
I did add a few lines to give a very brief context in parts that broke up the work into sections.

What format to present the work, to loop or not to loop, auto play or not ?
I decided if the work was all in a gallery space it would be part of a whole rather than discreet  separate items, the motion pieces would be moving constantly and this would be enhanced by static imagery of select moments garnered form the generative works.

With this in mind all the work was added to one long scrolling page are screen recordings would be playing and looping to give the sense of constant movement. the viewer can control their experience by scrolling the page to their area of interest, but there would always be the work work visible out of the corner of their eye.

Clearly not the same as walking through a space an interacting with the work, but these seemed the most appropriate choices for presenting the work in this format.

As next semesters work is largely about getting these ideas to work in an instilation I was reluctant to deliver these works in an actual space without the attention and planing I think it will require to be successful.

For similar reasons I have left out any screen recordings of my main depth based generative works. I’m very happy with the resultant imagery that can be created but am keen to spend more time on this system before presenting it fully.

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