Although intrigued by the motion created in my previous Muybridge textural work, there were many aspects I wasn’t entirely satisfied with. I decided to work on another set of imagery and see where it took me.

The woman descending stairs had been on my mind ever since the bed sequence so edited that into a sequence the would repeat reasonably well.

Creating motion: I thought again about morphing between still frames but this didn’t work with this sequence, the contortion of shapes getting it bed seemed to fit with the distortion of the created motion, but here it ruined the flow with the new motion working against the flow of movement down the stairs.

Creating texture: With the morphing removed I set about examining texture more thoroughly. The rationale for adding texture to these images is driven by the concept of seeing differently. if you couldn’t see light but the you still created imagery in your mind how would movement look. Aslo the kinect started me thinking that if the kinect “sees” depth and it was creating the vague textured outlines, so if that was our only form of vision how would it look given the richness we curently use to process visual information. Thinking more about these ideas I started thinking about how the Kinect is reaching out (with it infrared projections and feeling for an object) it decided to imaging a sense somewhere between vision and touch. A tactile vision how could I represent this idea and what might be tactile motion, The hair like tendrils remind me to computer generated flow fields signifying an object moving through a fluid but at the same time they had and incredibly tactile look to them.

This work took a few colour iterations as it evolved however I like the warmth of this one with its flesh inspired tones.

the second instalment of this work was interested in pushing the importance of the physicality of the image down and just looking at the motion.

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