TouchOSC interface

Texture creation interface

Includes setting for adjusting strand size and length, the number of segments for each strand, the starting ange and amount of curl. Wobble adds a random factor to each strand. Speed affects the rate an image builds and threshold determines the threshold atr wich the work it actively save images to the server. The right had side includes a manual way to save images, as well as toggles to display extra information useful for tuning the work. The numbered buttons allow for 8 slots for saving settings. Pressing the button will load a setting while if the save/load  is selected then the current settings will be saved .

Colour selection interface

This panel is for adjusting colours currently the imagery is generated from sampling a colour based on the dept data at any given position on the screen. I have 6 panels of colour that are either gradients or images. The colour placement X,Y component lets me adjust the position of sample swatch effectively changing where the colours are sampled from this was very useful as depth data is different for any space measured, I can slide the texture to get an appropriate palette. Colour scale compresses or expands each sample swatch giving a more or less detailed texture respectively. The black overlay slider allows me to slide some black over the main colour, this effectively gives me fine tuning in removing any background content. The show button makes the sample swatch visible its easier to see whats is going on with the swatch adjustments.

Kinect Control interface

COntrols for controlling the Kinect hardware the top two sliders control the near and far sensing of the device. The middle vertical slider tilts the power head, the large square on the left mirrors the image while the 6 small buttons (included only for completeness) change the colour of the flashing led on the device.



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