The end of one Odyssey marks the beginning of a new life

Some seven+ years ago I made the decision to re enroll at UNI (almost 20 years prior I was banned from the faculty of science for being more interested in life than study) would the motivation be there to see me through new next 6 years of study ?

Although it would have been far better to be a full time student I set on a part time 50% load let me continue to work (part time freelance turns in to more than full time when your a person that can’t say no). It was my intention to do computing and art. Years of self-taught programming and “new media” work led me to realise that although I was always able to find solutions I knew enough to know these was much more to know. With no real avenues for a combined degree between the school of computing and fine art I chose to do computing degree. It seemed the safest choice. ( I have since decided that if I’m considering two options to choose the one I’m most scared of, I must be really compelling  if it frightens me but I’m considering it)

My plan was to build on my programming skills so I had a solid set of tools behind me for when I started out my move to art. This was an excellent choice as not only do I have a great set of tools I am familiar with but I have the confidence to take on new tools but more importantly the ability to create my own.

After 3 years I had practically all my compulsory computing subjects. I could see why 3 years is a good amount of time to study as was well inneed of a break. I took a year off ,went travelling with the family  in Europe and generally recharged. I was ready to get back in to it and tackle art school. It was a frightening step new I could do the computing stuff but did I have what it took to do art. This was incredibly important to me (hence the fear) creating was what always drove me but people tend to box you in to being technical or creative, my technical ability always meant I had been firmly boxed as technical. If I failed at art school it would be a huge dent to my sense of self.

3 years of e-media later and I have firmly found my place, art and creativity is what drives me. I have managed to move my professional work in to a more creative fields being paid to be creatively technical. My goal is to switch this around to being paid to be technically creative.

My goal is to have the resources (funds, equipment, contacts, time) available to me to create what I want. Studying e-media for the last 3 years has not only clarified my goals but it has opened my arts to art and ideas that I had never and was likely to never be exposed to At the same time as opening me up to new ideas it also helped me to become more introspective thinking about my work ideas and motivations with more depth. Where computing has added to my skill set E-media fundamentally changed my way of thinking.

If I had to choose now I would have chosen a BFA over a B-Comp, but had I made that choice I would not have been where I am now.

Although slightly sad to let go of the comfort of being a student I am excited by what a future pursuing artistic goals outside of an institution.

While I’m being all sentimental I would like to thank all the teachers, students, speakers and others I have encountered during my time at art school, thank you for challenging my way thinking, it has been a great journey, one that will stay with me for life.

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