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I have achieved so much while putting off writing these words, but I finally came back to it tonight and things pretty much fell in to place. Now maybe I should get this blog back into shape finding all those draft post things I’ve emailed my self and notes on my phone, all dated in some sort of order fun fun fun (maybe I  should do those skirting boards)
Oh here is the 300 word statement.

I have always been enticed by the promise of technology.

My work “Seated figure?” repurposes game technology, using it to set up a discussion as to what is our relationship to these new technologies. In the work, the viewer is the art, viewing the art, being viewed by the art. This raises the question; who is the artist, and what role can technology play in blurring these lines? This work follows on from a long fascination of how people relate to technology and what role it has in both art and play.

The work reaches out gathering data based on the proximity of physical objects in the space. A depth-sensing camera creates images based on depth rather than light. The work deliberately embellishes these simple images, imagining the detail and vibrancy that we might see if this was our primary form of perception – a hybrid sense somewhere between touch and sight. As well as the conceptual ideas behind this process the brush like strokes and impressionistic style intend to convey the idea that the viewer is painting this image.

My artwork doesn’t just inhabit the wall; it encompasses the entire space ensnaring the casual viewer, bringing them in to the work. The longer a person engages with the work the more they become part of it.

Time is an integral part of the work as the image is constantly redrawing, re-seeing the moment over and over again, reinforcing the current to the detriment of the past. Often the most intriguing images are just as a person leaves. We see a wash of colour as they go; for a brief moment their essence remains. Some of these ghosts are captured and saved for later retrieval but this is a random process – will your dance with the work be remembered or will it just be a footprint in the sand?



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