Self portrait with sash

A self portrait with a window for a head is an Idea I’ve had for a while.

I have never felt comfortable with my own image it always surprises me a little (Like listening to recordings of my voice) , so to me a picture of me doesn’t represent what it means to be me.

The first inspiration for this came to me when playing lego’s with my son. Making silly creatures I made one with a window for a head, and instantly it struck a chord, I went on to make a small army of window headed people, there was something about tyhem that I realy related to.

It ties into the whole eyes are the window to the soul thing – hear I am here is my soul open to the world no eyes to hide behind.

Ive also always imagined my self to take a a space larger than my head, when I frame the edges of the inner me it tends to take up the space just out to the edge of my peripheral vision – the frame through which I see the world.

I have always had an affinity to windows staring out them for much of my early schooling, although door gave you a physical escape from the tedium of the class room they could only be accessed at specific times, where as windows were always available as a means of escape – particularly those high up one open only to the sky.

There’s still more to like about windows from the voyeristic thrill of peeking in through someones window, to all manner of screens acting as windows into other worlds.

So this is me, my soul bared in this case a fairly weathered timber sash window.

Why a sash window specifically ?
It just seems by far the best sort – far more options, bottom open, top open, part up, part down.

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