procrastination coding – (100 words took 5 hrs 300 could take a life time)

I had my first marathon effort of trying to work out what my 300 words should contain. I wrote about 1500 much of it is the same thing repeated still not sure which bits to leave out. So I have been firmly stuck in procrastination mode. I have moved the grass painted the deck etc, but I still seemed to have some spare time to fill so I decided to look in to a new system of being able to adjust settings on my textures colours etc, with out needing to keep adjusting the code.  So I looked at using OSC (Open Sound Control) and now have a system where I can use my phone to quickly try out various setting. The beauty of this is it easy to try far more combinations and permutations than I could have by editing the code every time.

This has been one of my most constructive pieces of procrastinating ever. As this is a system I will also be using in all future projects. Combined with my auto saving code experimentation we be much faster and more enjoyable. This project as well as giving me a strong focus of what I want to continue to pursue has ended up in me having built quite a good tool set to assist with future projects.

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