Adding seasons – a mower for all seasons (almost)

It seemed sad to loose the work I had done playing with other textures and colours that would have made up the still images. So I am toying with the idea of including the “seasons” in to

the  installation. The rational behind this is to play with the idea that the work its self can change over time. This now starts to brings the outside environment it to the work. I could be measuring other things like temperature the number of people who enter the space the speed at which those people move. I had toyed with the last briefly in the past but rejected it as it was likely to make the work too reactionary with people jumping about trying to get it to change colour. Time is nice and simple and fits my seasons theme. Time is already present in the work as any one image is only there for the breifest moment. Now time has another role the time of day when someone views the work will greatly effect the image produced. From cool blues to fiery oranges. I’m not entirely sure how many “seasons” to add and what might make them up. I realy want to feel it in the room before locking that down.

Edit- green just didn’t work for me on the projector – my texture editing tool led me donw the path to more diverse textures so ended up dropping the idea of seasons for fairly fast changes over 8 settings




There are numerous images my software grabed and these can be viewed at then choose the mover tests folder


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