The cold light of day.

Making coffee slightly dazed, my daughter finds my scrap of paper, completely covert in scrawl, wow whats all this she asks, what indeed I grab it , oh just something for school as I hide it under my book. (what did I write last night).

I can’t face it until after my coffee, no need to worry nothing that I need to hide and I doubt she could have read that scrawl anyway. I remember writing some of it but not all (some i just can’t quite make out, or even guess at). I can see bits that I recognise and a lot I don’t. The start is obviously me trying to write something odd, but much of the remainder actually surprises me.

My favorite Line is “lust is better than toast”.

Well after hours of trying to be clever and not able to let go I finally did it, a piece of writing dragged from the void.


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