I never really credit who I look up to in the medium that I’m exploring, and possibly that’s because I tend to look elsewhere for inspiration. When I use to design websites I often looked at architectural books for ideas. I rarely seek out e-media proponents when  looking for inspiration, but I do stumble upon them regularly.

AS well as proponents of interesting experiments like

I do like some of the interactive  concepts in the works below
Bright Nights, Union Square Park, NYC 12/8/06
Zack Booth Simpson – 22TW gallery talk – 2005

But I’m loving the light and colour of Olafur Eliasson’s works.

I quite like some of the work done by  Melbourne based ENESS
ENESS 2010 Showreel

But none of those were going to be the starting point for the Homage they excite me and help to push me forward but weren’t responsible for forming my  interest in art.

So what’s my inspiration for this work ? Well Magritte of course but I don’t plan to paint, I love paintings but it’s not my medium.

Update – 15-10-2010

Just became aware of Craig Walsh
I love his work, all on a fantastic scale and a great sense of fun

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