Dreaming ?

I think “Dreaming?” is going to be my title.

here is a mock-up

Images of ordinary things in the frame.
(butterfly just there at the moment as a nod to Zhuangzi.)

I toyed with random images form google image searches, It works on some levels, and the terms I planned using came up with some interesting images especially the word “of” lots of images from computer games eg god of war etc quite relevant I thought, but there were too many that I didn’t like, and the control freak in me would want to toss the crap ones. If it was a live feed then there would be some relevance, but as the hardware I will have available wont give me that then its just not the same. I did think of writing an¬†algorithm¬†to choose images based on the words and a colour palette (but I think that’s another project).

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