Plan B and a bit of a rant.

Almost thought of dropping the idea but I like it too much. Never has there been a more relevant time to question reality. Many people spend increasing amounts in  virtual spaces, fighting imagined enemies of keeping in touch with the hundreds of friends they don’t have being spammed by robot , tweeting, tagging, poking investing thousands of hours to set various bits scatted on computers dotted around the world.

This is not a pipe.

Ranting now. But don’t want to let this idea go and I can’t really afford to buy a reasonable camera to pull apart.
Sooo… I am going with a screen from a lcd keyring (Maybe a olde mp4 watch screen if it get here from china in time) will display images of reality in it.

I wont get the camera feed, but the idea is dreaming of reality,  can show a series of images or a film on the display instead.

I have a few possibilities on what to show, but am still deliberating on what will work best.

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