Jam – musings

The group process was quite enjoyable, the group dynamic was great with everybody participating. Each person had ideas to contribute and were enthusiastic and supportive of others. Everyone was keen to be involved in all aspects of the project.  The Main difficulty wad trying to organise time when we could all get together, made patricularly difficult as we were split across 3 campases these problems were made worse by the fact that when we did get together equipment and rooms were not always available.

We all worked well together which was fortunate considering the limited time we allmanaged to get together.

Everyone seemed to have a similar mental image of how the instilation would work. Having said that it did require a bit of disipline when something didn’t match that internal picture not to automatically say it was wrong but to rather just pause take it in and reflect on whether it was wrong different or better. This was also one of the more freeing and enjoyable aspects of group work. Another was the need to let go and not overwork everything it wouldn’t be fair to put my own fears, insecurities and pefectionism on other members of the group so if people seemed happy then it was ok, just because it could be honed didn’t mean it needed to be. It forced a big picture aproach rather than getting bogged down in detail.
This is something that I need to try to bring into my normal practice rather than only stopping once there is either no time or energy left.

Overal a very rewarding project, that the whole group contributed to and was pretty pleased with the outcome.

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