Group Fear

A group project.

Yes normally that would instil fear and pain, but its great when you work with a group who are interested, not just along for the ride.

My previous experience of group work at Uni was all bad, well mostly non existent, I ended up doing the whole of the groups work, apart from the documentation, which I only fleshed out and did the imagery for (Not the final layout, which I am grateful for as I hate documentation). But that was computing and this was e-media, I was ready to see how it would go.

I’m generally pretty bad at choosing people to work with not sure why exactly, I guess I’m not a fan of anal perfectionists, but it turns out I have those tendencies (when it comes to assignments) So I tend to go for the casual relaxed amiable sort of person I would like to be, only to find they are so relaxed they don’t really give a shit, and a pass is fine, and if some fool looks like they will do all the work and they don’t need to bother then all the better.

Yes I am that fool, well maybe not fool, my view is I am studying for self growth, not for a piece of paper. If I only pass then I am only learning/growing half as much as I could.

Way off topic now. Turns out the groups were chose for us, and my group turned out great.


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