Paint the Sky

After my success with the trees, I was excited about taking on the sky. I started by drawing (digitally) various possible skies, I had a few experiments with clouds of various degrees of realism, but eventually decided I wanted something less realistic and clouds abstract or not could wait for another project. The sky I finally settled on was inspired by the ebb and flow of Lava lamp sunsets and Munch’s The Screams sky.

I loved the the swirls of the painting and started trying to replicate this motion. I used some wave script to create undulating lines that felt like they some weight to them. I was happy with the movement but not the resultant texture. After much experimentation I ended blurring the colours substantially which gave nice gradual colour changes but kept the underlying motion creating a sense of flow and currents in the motion.

Click for Animated Sky

Click for Animated Sky

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