Assignment 3 – Reflective statement & Loop

Reflecting Loop

I was pretty happy with this project, mainly because I was very close to giving up on it, for something I was more comfortable with. I tend to try to be too cleaver with thing , but in this project I stripped it all back. It didn’t need any complicated ideas or fancy execution.

Although my initial idea was flawed and was cut back to just running the part of the idea that suggested just viewing feet would be interesting on a cognitive level as well as visually interesting was sound.

I also liked that the more I worked on this the greater emotional attachment I gained, my whole idea that me returning is study is about running. (running away or stopping me from running away ? not sure ). The initial concept was so that the viewer would think the people were running away or running towards depending on where they started watch from, and in this version instead of me trying to force that on them for a small amount of time, they are free to make and change their own mind.

Visually It works well the low camera angle is interesting the legs and feet contrast nicely with the surroundings, its cut tightly to keep motion the going throughout each shot. The audio adds a personal feeling to things as if you are there part of it rather than just a casual bystander watching someone run past.

I was possibly a bit lucky that the footage turned out ok, I need to be more conscious of not just the focus of what I want to shoot (in this case the feet) but also what is also going to be in shot. (other clothing etc). Also I should have looked at using other recording devices to avoid camera noise I think having it so close to the ground increased this problem.

As a loop it is engaging I find myself staring at in for longer than I should. I go to turn it off but find myself looking at it for “just a bit longer”.

The different speed versions most the most interesting thing to come out of this. Just how much our perception of time affects how we relate to things. I thought about being able to change speeds with this project but, I don’t think it needs it and I’ll leave that whole concept of playing with time to future project.

* Safari seems to struggle with this file it plays nicely in firefox etc.
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