Sound. What ? not more last minute audio.

I actually though about audio from the outset of this project, options were feet running, breathing , bush noises, simple repetitive strum of guitar etc.

But when I cut the footage together I liked the on camera audio, you could hear breathing footfalls, even the occasional bird call.

There was unfortunately a bi of camera noise, that I mostly filtered out (not quite all unfortunately)  and my son making some odd squeaky noises that stamped a very obvious looping point but I moved some foot falls from another part of the video and replace that.

I even liked the slowed down version of the audio, although others though it a bit odd maybe menacing, I think it adds to the sense of impact when a foot hits and the slow audio gives it a slightly more unworldy feel, but it was possibly to loud In its original form if it was far quieter it would just add to the sense of things rather that over power it.

Finally I managed to get a very odd feed back loop today when testing a microphone, not sure if I could record it without something else to record on to but it made a great sound that could actually fit with this project. But as the project is due shortly I don’t think it will make the cut. (next time maybe)

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