I think the loop went down pretty well, most people thought the fast version was better, Fuel up on anxiety and coffee I would have to agree with them. But its not quite that simple the slow version also works on a level, its just a more subtle level that the full speed one, thats why after staring at it all night the slow version took over as being my favorite, so my answer is to keep both. I think they are both valid pieces and although the exact same footage they read very differently. Choosing which to submit is dificult but I think It will have to be the normal speed version, mainly because this video is for online viewing, some quality is lost and the viewing window is small, online video needs to grab the users attention and the normal speed video is going to be better at doing this, the slow version is better if the viewer to be in the right mood they may well click on to the next thing before the slow loop has time to capture them.

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