A ten second story

I’m very happy with the whole “self portrait with weathered sash window” idea.

Myself with window head an pure white (I may digitally add a shadow to ground it – see how it looks).

Ill shoot with a blue screen and replace the background with white to get the clean white I’m after.

But this is a video piece. I would like to just hold it for 10sec with just the sky blowing past.
Not cuts locked off camera – done.

But I guess there should be more to it.
I would like a gradual reveal hold on me then turn off, back to just white to give it an end.

This whole project is all about introspection so I will come to the full shot of me through the window (that is me)

The reveal will start with fragments of me (so viewers know they are looking at a person) then parts of the window before focusing on the whole portrait.

When I imagine how this will work the ideas for how this would look (like all my ideas flick past – the less clear the idea the faster they go) so this is how I will treat them in the ident, vage flashings of bits of me before the more solid idea of self comes into existance. I often feel trying to grab hold of particualrly soft idea is like trying to tune a tv or radio with a weak signal. so I may give the images a slightly tv static effect. (after all TV would have to be a dominant influence )

Audio – options so far include static – tuning noises – or some simple piano- child like playing of twinkle twinkle little star (how I wonder what you are).

I like the piano idea the most but I’m more visual than auditory so Id like to cut the piece together first. – also the timing of the visuals will be vital to get the feel I’m after.

I will do a cut of the still shot as well, I’m starting to think it may actually be the better option.


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