Adventures of cutting in iMovie 09

I imported all the footage from my camera and out of interest fired up iMovie 09, I heard it’s actually meant to be a useful piece of software as apposed to previous versions.

Its actually fantastic for making a rough cut, I could easily see every piece of footage got a preview on mousing over. the dragged a selection of bits that where useful and dragged them straight to my project. In no time at all I had my long list of possible footage.

Maybe it was just procrastinating or maybe I actually had something I kept playing the footage then cutting out what didn’t work and re-ordered shot when they didn’t go together, but the more I cut the more time I spent watching the loop.

It already was working I found myself drawn to watching it over and over, then make a small adjustment and would get stuck watching it again.

I looked at going tighter cuts, with iMovie, it looks like you can do it but I would probably have to read some instructions or do a tute. No time for that I’m having fun cutting this so I export out for premiere so I can get on with it. (But I think I’ll be using iMovie for rough cuts next time)

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