Silk or Sow

I wasn’t that confident with the shoot and so waited quite a while before reviewing the footage.

I wasn’t even so sure about the idea, the meeting in the video was going to be a very obvious looping point. A possible problem with this is any one viewing will possibly watch it only a few times then feel they have seen it and move on, losing that never ending mesmerising effect that loop working well has.

Back to the footage.

All the initial footage was pretty well unusable, but after a while the kids seemed to relax their running style and I started to work out what worked. The big issue is that although I considered footwear I didn’t consider the rest of the kids costume, my daughter was wearing baggy grey tracksuit pants that not only blended in with the bush setting it also just flopped around when she ran , giving no definition to her legs and looking very uninteresting. To make matters worse she injured her arm and its in a sling (requiring rest so re-shooting would be difficult).

The up side is there is some nice footage of Ned running, maybe enough to get something to work.

So mostly sow with a few hints of silk, maybe not enough for a full purse but enough to start weaving.

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