Wrapping it up – automatic writing retrospective

Pretty happy with it all, like always there is more that I could do, but I thinks it works pretty well visually at least. The audio is way better than the version that I played in at the crit. In general I’m pretty happy with my ability to push to a visual aesthetic. I’m ok with this audio but obviously I will need to deal with audio earlier in future projects. I would love to be able to compose my own music, but not having a music background I’m not sure this is a realistic option, maybe I should track down someone I can collaborate with.

Automatic writing was actually fun and I think I’ll have to just grab a pen and just write more often – see what comes up.

I wonder did my sub conscience bring up some deeper ideas along with more foolish ones or, was it more a matter of me interpreting some meaning from the writings. My gut feeling is it was probably the latter a bit like finding faces in clouds. Regardless of what came from where it was still interesting.

I had all sorts of ideas about animating a series of cool or witty words on the screen. I’m glad it didn’t eventuate although I’m sure I could have made it look interesting but it would have probably been pretty hollow.

I’m sure many people won’t get what I’m trying to say, but it starts out fairly easy to interpret so maybe people will get there is some meaning to it rather than it just throwing out a few random phrases.

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