Hiding behind windows

I found my “hero” window finally at the Glenorchy tip shop.

Its old and broken, and far too big but it looks almost exactly how I had imagined it.

the tip shop want far too much money for it so I had to settle for dragging it out into the yard and grabbing a few pictures of it before hiding it back amongst the others. (Maybe one day I’ll come back for it).

I had been thinking about shooting it with a fan and curtains blowing, but I think I was only doing that because it would look good.

I don’t think I’m a curtain sort of person – it was never in my original image. In fact thinking about it more it would have been completely wrong – is wind blowing in or out of me either way thats not what this is about.

Next – what to have, if anything in the window ?

A new me ?

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