Automatic writing transcribed

This is not me doing this it’s an electric bunny with 2 eyes left of centre and a machine gun nose, Holding the holiday, finding a reason to be in the existence of an irregular cube is nothing to be afraid its just the same as lying to a friend, jumping with a lover or swimming at night. Laughter isn’t the best medicine. Lust is better than toast. Everything you do is to be ignored it sometimes wants ice cream. I can see forever when its windy. I can reach the mountain top. I love umbrellas they are spotty. Ice is faster than cheese. Foolishness is a pleasure never to be forgotten and left at the bottom of an old shoe box. It’s some tine since I last saw a robot with chicken legs and a sombrero. I love swimming but not with other sharks. Ling is a sport most confronting. Nice is nice but not so fine. I live watering the hedges with an electric watering can. The window leads to possibilities while the door is firmly locked. Jump the view is fine, live. The road is cold, look live love there cant be much else to it. I once was lost but then they gave me a sign. You are hear. You are now. No one will take you away from here, they can’t take away now. I love my dreams and thoughts, like a bed full of icecream ,vans, stopping luring calling, excitement of promise extends that of reality, feed, offering, seizing, leaching, reaching, teaching to be is obvious least we see the sky fall on your own or not at all see what I see.

whose there.

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