Crit – yes, the sound was crap

Yes it does sound crap, although no one says it outright the audio is the thing that gains the most comment. People think its better with audio than without, so I can’t toss it I will have to rework it, I did get some good advice so hopefully I can make it better.

some people didn’t like the title. I can see their point that it may not need a title but.. Its important to me, it fits it was the thing that stood out most from my initial reading of the text, it sort of sums up the whole piece, thing that I have learnt sort of a twisted wisdom, I’m not sure those that dislike the title necessarily get the rest of it either, or maybe they just think nothing is better than toast.

The title stays.
The audio needs work.

No one mentioned the timing tweaks that I would so given the time available I leave those tweaks and concentrate on Audio.

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