I wonder if I dream sounds

Sound this time it should be easy, just record myself speaking the words, maybe add a bit of sound under it some moody notes or a bit a music from someone like Soma or similar really moody and I’ll be done.

Well a lecture on sound excellent, accept adding to what has been mentioned in tutes chucking a bit of your favorite music under some vision isn’t really what its about and unfortunately generating a few moody tones is pretty much as bad. Sound needs to add a dimension rather than just fill the silence.

The voice over adds, it gives extra meaning that isn’t going to be gleaned from the images alone. (I tried text on the screen but that didn’t work).

Just voice seems a bit thin everything else is so layered, The only sounds I imagined were some wind noised at the end as I dissipated over the view. Ocean noises for the first bit would work well I’ve always been impressed as to how well a little sound can add life to still images. I would have rather had video of the ocean and sky etc if i could.

It was settled narration with ocean/wind sounds to add to the mood .

Heaps of takes later and I had audio that fit, it didn’t sound how I envisigned and I possibly like it less now with audio than with out. Is it just a hating the sound of your own voice thing or is it as crap as I think it is ?

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